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Master Moulage Artist

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office gave us a fantastic opportunity by inviting us to participate in moulage training by Haley Rich.  Moulage is the art and science of creating mock injuries for the purpose of teaching emergency responders how to treat patients in the field.  And Haley Rich is one of the most innovative moulage artists in the industry, having literally written the book on injury simulations for exercises.

The all day class consisted of a demonstration in the morning and hands on practical training in the afternoon, followed by a killer final project where the students had limited time to create something bigger than they ever had before.

The demonstrations started out with the hard core stuff.  Moulage is supposed to be gory, grizzly and shocking.  A cut is easy to treat.  A severe injury is what medics need to be ready for when responding in the field.

Haley's Demo 1

Foundation for a head injury.

Haley's Demo 2

Smoothed out and covered to create simulated skin for the injury.








Haley's Demo 3

Laceration over the simulated skin.

Haley's Demo 4

Covering the eye.







Haley's Demo 5

Creating a damaged eye.

Haley's Demo 6

Gap for a missing eye.







Once you’ve seen the hard stuff done, the rest of the training seems pretty simple.  Haley is a fantastic instructor – patient, creative, innovative.  She is very conceptual and sees possibilities for where to take an injury or how to make an injury fit a scenario.

Workshop 1

Haley leads the workshop portion of the class, guiding the students as they begin to experiment with moulage.

Workshop 2

Students try out techniques in moulage. Practice on yourself or on your neighbor.











“Simple” solutions were not acceptable.  Haley pushed student limits, making them tear down moulage attempts and start over with more complicated goals in mind.  Responders don’t need to worry about cuts and bruises in the field.  Injuries have to be complicated to justify having the exercise.

Trample 1

Start here. A good shoe print across the chest.

Trample 2

Not a zombie. Shocky victim of a trampling.









Injury 1

Blown out eye with facial lacerations following an explosion.

Injury 2

A broken bottle embedded in a victim’s chest with blood pooling inside.







Injury 3

Honorable mention: deep gash on hand.

Injury 4

Honorable mention: finger amputation.









Injury 5

Honorable mention: broken nose.

Injury 6

Honorable mention: burns.








The class was tough, but it delivered a lot of new skills.  We look forward to applying our skills in future exercises!