Simulated Plane Crash Keeps Rescuers on Their Toes

KUSA’s Matt Renoux came to Operation Rocky Slope, a plane crash simulation at the Loveland Ski Area in Clear Creek County, to cover the regional full scale exercise, a plane crash.  Matt diligently spoke with exercise planners and agency representatives and filmed select segments of the exercise.  Below is the content of his report, which you can also see on the KUSA site at

Loveland Ski Area-It’s only a training exercise but organizers hope it will make rescue personnel faster and safer in a real emergency.

On Saturday emergency responders trained at the Loveland Ski Area. They hiked up to a simulated plane crash scene and helped a number of volunteers who played the part of victims.

While plane crashes are rare Simulation Organizer Max Khaytsus says the hope is to prepare for a worst case scenario with a full scale exercise aimed at keeping rescue personal safe and speedy.

“It would be a very bad thing to have happen pretty much anywhere but over the past couple of years we have had a number of incidents where planes have crashed, some where people walked away some, where it wasn’t as good and Clear Creek Emergency Management asked us to run a simulation for them with a plane crash in the mountains just so they are ready and their resources are ready to respond to an incident such as this,” said Khaytsus.

Saturday’s exercise brought in volunteers with the Community Emergency Response Team, (CERT), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the Salvation Army.

We appreciate the time given us by KUSA and the positive report supporting volunteer driven rescue services.

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